World’s First 5-Channel Surround Mic in One Mic Body

The breakthrough Sanken WMS-5 is the world’s first 5-channel surround mic in one body. With 5 discrete outputs it is the ideal microphone for on-location multichannel audio recording, delivering realistic surround sound and is easily mounted on the camera, boom pole, or pistol grip.

Using an exclusive Mid-Side-Mid capsule design with an internal matrix, the WMS-5 provides reliable, phase coherent 5 channel surround sound. It offers discrete Left, Center, Right, Left Surround, and Right Surround outputs from one microphone. Its light weight 8.3 oz (235g) and compact 9.25” (235mm) length provides convenient usage.

WMS-5 shown


Double M-S Technique 5.0 Surround Shotgun Microphone

Surround sound for broadcast and film has become quite popular, but creating realistic multi-channel soundtracks in post-production from traditional microphone sources has proven problematic, time consuming, and unnatural. The WMS-5 delivers realistic Surround sound with minimal setup time, and is easily mounted on the camera, boom pole, or pistol grip.

Sanken’s WMS-5 delivers reliable, phase coherent 5-channel sound using an exclusive Sanken design based on the well known M-S method of recording, providing 5 surround outputs signals.

The “M” capsule is used for both Center with shotgun directivity and front Left and Right. The “S” signal is utilized for both front Left and Right and rear Left Surround, Right Surround. The rear “M” capsule is used for Left Surround and Right Surround. All capsules are aligned vertically on the same axis for precise phase coherence.

  • Unique Dual Mid-Side capsule design
  • Precise phase coherent M, S, M capsule layout
  • Matrix circuitry built in
  • 5 Outputs from 1 microphone for 5.0 recording
  • Wide 50Hz-20kHz response
  • Lightweight 8.3 oz (235g), 9.25″ (235mm) long
  • Clear and Natural sound
  • Standard XLR3 Connector Breakout Cable


Model Name



DC biased condenser

Stereo Angle

120°(L, R), 120°(LS, RS)

Frequency response

50Hz – 20kHz

Sensitivity (at 1kHz)

-27dB +/-2dB (44.7mV)
0dB=1V/Pa at 1 kHz

Equivalent noise level (A weighted)

MONO Less than 20dB(A)
STEREO Less than 22dB(A)
SURROUND Less than 22dB(A)

Max SPL (1% THD, at 1kHz)

≥120dB SPL

Output impedance( 1kHz )

120 Ohms +/-30%


48V phantom to be fed to all connected ch.
Universal Phantom Feeding DC48V +/-4V in various channel configurations
Note LS, RS (only) not supported

Current consumption

Less than 4mA/ch (5 ch connected)
Less than 4mA/ch (only L, R connected)
Less than 4mA/ch (only C connected)


235g (8.3oz) (excluding cable)


235mm X 27.8mm (9.25″ x 1.1″) (metal mesh part diameter)
19mm (.75″) (grip diameter)

Surface finish

Matte Black


Cable Included: 12 pin to L, C, R, LS, RS
(XLR-3M output x 5) WSC-535/2.0
Cable Optional: 12 pin to 12 pin WSC-551/3.0

WMS-5 Dimensions
WMS-5 Frequency Response
WMS-5 Polar Pattern Center Channel
WMS-5 Polar Pattern Left Channel
WMS-5 Polar Pattern Surround Left Channel


Included Accessories:
Optional Accessories: