Lavalier Microphones

These tiny Sanken lavalier microphones are engineered to yield excellent audio quality and are easy to hide. They are tested for operation in high heat and humidity that is typical for stage use.

Choose a set of lavs that exactly meet your requirements with battery or phantom power, 4 different colors, XLR and pigtail versions optimized for analog, hybrid, and digital wireless transmitters.


Head Worn Microphones

The lightweight omnidirectional COS-11D HWM head worn mic is an ultra-miniature new generation microphone designed for hi-resolution audio in feature film and television production and is now available for use on stage, for broadcast, in houses of worship and for other live events.

This new model is ideal for major talent, stage singers, high-profile commentators, on-camera journalists, musical actors, and a wide variety of live performers. The new COS-11D HWM is especially valuable when there is rigorous head movement, while the close proximity of the mic to the vocal source provides consistently exceptional audio with very natural characteristics.

It is available in two main models with either pigtail or wireless connectors.

Head Worn Mics