Shotgun Microphones

Capturing the action of a performance on the set can be a challenge. With Sanken professional shotgun microphones you know that your recording will do justice to the talents of those in front of the camera.

With 9 different models to choose from, including mono and stereo, Sanken can satisfy all of your shotgun production needs.


Lavalier Microphones

These tiny Sanken, AMPAS award-winning, lavalier microphones are engineered to yield excellent audio quality and are easy to hide. They are tested for operation in a wide range of temperature and humidity typical in production environments.

Choose a set of lavs that exactly meet your requirements with battery or phantom power, 4 different colors, XLR and pigtail versions optimized for analog, hybrid, and digital wireless transmitters.


Boundary Microphones

The CUB-01 miniature high-fidelity boundary mic is engineered for use in many situations, from TV and film field shooting to broadcast studio production and conference table recording.

Because of its size, it is easy to conceal from the camera, and can be positioned in a variety of environments – for example, attached to the ceiling of a car with two-sided sticky tape.

Boundary Mics
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