Sanken Production Mics at NAB

Las Vegas Exhibition Dates Apr 14th & 17th
Central Hall — Booth C4540

We featured the full range of unique Sanken mono and stereo Shotgun Mics and the popular award-winning COS-11D Lavalier Mics.

Photo: Sanken Japan’s Masaaki Yamada being interviewed on the booth at Nab 2024

Sanken COS-11D Scientific & Technical Award

Sanken Honored with AMPAS Scientific and Technical Award

Sanken Microphones is proud to be honored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences with a Scientific and Engineering Award plaque for the development of its innovative, ultra-miniature COS-11 lavalier microphone technology.

Sanken COS-11D Scientific & Technical Award

Introducing the New CMS-50 High Quality M-S Stereo Shotgun and the New 4″ Compact CS-M1 Shotgun

The CMS-50 Mid Side (M-S) professional shotgun lets you adjust stereo width at the mixer. The new CS-M1 sets new standards of sound quality for a short shotgun mic. At only 4” in length and weighing less than 2 oz., the unobtrusive CS-M1 can be used in tight mic situations to faithfully capture the story.
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CS-M1 Shotgun Mic In Hand

Choose the Right Mic

SankenPerformance, reliability and outstanding sonic quality characterize Sanken mics and are the reasons why they have gained worldwide popularity with production and live sound professionals.

Choose from a wide selection of high quality professional mics including shotguns, lavs, head worn, boundary mics and accessories.

Sanken Mics

Sanken Professional Shotgun, Lavalier and Boundary Mics for Film and Video Production


Sanken Professional Headworn and Lavalier Mics for Theater, Shows and Opera


Sanken Chromatic – 10 Studio Mics for Professional Music Recording


9 industry-leading shotgun mics in mono, stereo and 5.0 formats with unique designs and capabilities


Lavs that exactly meet your requirements with battery & 48v power, 4 different colors, XLR & pigtail


Lightweight, ultra-miniature, for exceptional quality, reliability, and comfort in live performance