Flagship Short Condenser Mic with Supercardioid Response and Switchable HP Filter

Three directional capsules are arranged in a front-back array to combine line microphone performance and second-order pressure gradient response in a single system. With this unique design, the CS-3e achieves phenomenal supercardioid directivity in the lowest frequen-cies and throughout the full range in a microphone 27cm (10 inches) in length.

It is significant that the CS-3e picks up the targeted frontal sound sources with exceptional clarity over a wide frequency range – even in noisy ambient environments or in long reverberation spaces – by rejecting undesired noise and sounds coming from the rear and sides.

CS-3e shown with optional KS-3 shock mount

CS-3e with KS-3 Mount

Innovative Technology with 3 Capsules for High Rejection

Conventional shotgun microphones use a line capsule array and a pipe with slits in front of the capsule to create high directivity by utilizing phase interference inside the casing. With this conventional design, high-directivity in the middle-low fre-quency range is not achieved, although high-directivity in the high frequency range is maintained. Conventional shotgun microphones are at a disadvantage because they invariably pick up unwanted sounds coming from the back and sides.

In order to solve this problem, conventional shotgun micro-phones designed for high directivity in the middle-low frequencies require a length of more than one meter (39 inches) in length. However, long shotgun microphones seriously affect mobility and are not ideal for field recording.

The remarkable performance of the CS-3e is based on the combination of a second-gradient and line microphone with three directional condenser elements, using new PPS (Poly-Gold-Phenylene-Sulfide) diaphragms to provide optimum humidity/temperature stability. The CS-3e is small and lightweight with a low-cut switch to satisfy the various needs of location and studio recording. The standard 19mm diameter permits use of a wide range of accessories developed for enhanced performance and field mobility.

The CS-3e virtually eliminates the proximity effect and maintains sharp directivity, while the sonic characteristics do not change with varied distances between sources and microphone. This is a significant advantage over all other directional microphones.

  • Unique three-capsule design
  • Super Sharp Directivity
  • Extremely low proximity effect
  • Long reach
  • Only 10.6″ in length
  • Low-cut switch (-3dB @ 100Hz)
  • Clear and natural sound
  • Standard XLR3 connector

Listening in Noisy Environments – Sanken CS-3e/CS-M1 Comparison!

Production Sound Mixer Michael Wynne compares an industry standard proven short shotgun, the Sanken CS3e, to the CS-M1, Sanken’s new kid on the block, to see how it holds up against it’s older brother in this noisy environment listening experience!


Model Name



DC biased condenser



Frequency response

50Hz – 20kHz

Sensitivity (at 1kHz)

-28dB (40mV) ±1dB (0dB=1V/Pa)

Equivalent noise level (A weighted)

15dB or less

Max SPL (1% THD)

120dB SPL

Low Frequency Rolloff

-3dB at 100Hz, switchable

Output impedance( 1kHz )

50 ohms


+48±4V phantom

Current consumption



4.2 oz (120 g)


10.6″ (270mm) length
0.75” (19mm) diam.

Surface finish

Fired Painted, Lusterless Black (Soft Touch Coating)


XLR-3-12C(M) equivalent
1: GND, 2: Hot, 3: Cold

CS-3e Polar Pattern
CS-3e Frequency Response


Included Accessories:
Optional Accessories: